Entrepreneur Remember, many ideas end when you start communicating with the customer

It helps the entrepreneur to design the prototype at the beginning of his start-up project, which is an imaginary drawing of the project’s stages that shows the steps of providing the service in order to choose the concept of the idea or process, by reaching the people it aims to serve

Drawing a scenario for the current stage

From the idea to the shape of the product in the current situation

Draw a scenario for the hoped-for situation

It shows the shape of the final product and the progress of the steps during the customer's use of it

the focus

Focus on the most important points of interaction with the user


Draw each step of the story on one sticky note

Arrange the papers

You can remove some clips, merge them, or change their order to be in clips 8 to 6 end


Redesign each drawing in the model and try to tell the story under each one

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